SSS members are united by the drive to prefigure a new society free of imperialism, colonization, racism, heteropatriarchy & capitalist exploitation.  

We stand up against all forms of social inequality & we stand for the dignity & self-determination of oppressed peoples. 

The leadership for this movement will first & foremost be women & oppressed nationalities. It is based on excellence & experimentation.

We believe in envisioning & building a world where many worlds fit.


Scientific Soul Sessions Manifesto

Together, as members of Scientific Soul Sessions:

  1. We promote ecosocialism: the unity of humanity with the planet's ecosystems. As aspiring ecosocialists, we aim for existence based on the same respect indigenous peoples have always had for the earth and returning to producers the rightful share of the fruits of their labor. We respect our Mother Earth as provider of all life on this planet. We take concrete steps to lessen our ecological footprint for the health and well-being of all beings and future generations.
  2. We are building towards a matriarchal future, which will be the opposite of patriarchy, not its mirror image.  Matriarchy will be a revolutionary future, in which the social construct of gender is eliminated and humanity is re-socialized, in which the values of caring, nurturance, creativity, compassion and collectivity dominate. We denounce gynocide: the ways that capitalism and white supremacy have attempted to break the spirit of struggle by inflicting violence upon and de-valuing women and all we represent. 
  3. Our decision-making process emphasizes imagination, improvisation and intuition leading the way into the new and unforeseen; perception, wisdom, communal balance, and the art of listening and reception, as ways to overcome brute power. In all decisions, we keep the seventh generation of our descendants in mind (as taught by many indigenous peoples).
  4. We recognize spirituality as an essential element in the struggle for liberation. Our name is Scientific Soul: "Scientific" because we seek answers and solutions; "Soul" because we believe in each self moving beyond its limits, reaching out to people, natural creatures and to the cosmos, imagining and doing the impossible!
  5. We bring art and politics together in provocative ways in our quest for excellence and the impossible dream!  We see anti-capitalist analysis and anti-imperialist aesthetics as the paradigm for a new way of being and living that is not dictated by Western capitalist values.
  6. Through forward-thinking artistic creation and political organizing, we realize SSS leadership principles of commitment, capacity, and clarity.
  7. Recognizing the self-determination of oppressed nationalities and the strength of a United Front, our leadership is principally composed of oppressed nationalities and women. Each of us checks our privilege and takes responsibility to change the ways we reproduce our internalized racism and oppression.
  8. We refuse to compromise and be made mediocre by institutions such as the NGO/Non-profit Industrial Complex.  We aim to be self-sufficient.
  9. We are intergenerational. We acknowledge the experience and dedication of our elders. We respect the energy and fresh visions of the young.
  10. We are internationalist. We seek to build a united front across boundaries and divides.
  11. We are revolutionaries! We don't think capitalism is fixable.

Survivors by Hyung-Rae

SSS Study Sessions: 

Here, we present readings from our various study sessions centered around matriarchy, indigeneity, and self-determination guiding our work as Scientific Soul Sessions. To organize a study session, please contact us below. 

Session 1: Matriarchy 


Session 2: Indigeneity and Self-Determination


Session 3: Without Ecosocialism There Will Be No Future


We respect our Mother Earth as provider of all life on this planet. 

Vamos al encuentro.

As aspiring ecosocialists, we aim for existence based on the same respect indigenous peoples have always had for the earth & returning to producers the rightful share of the fruits of their labor.

Ecosocialist Horizons

seeks to advance ecosocialism as a worldview and as a movement capable of offering real answers to the crises caused by capitalism. 

Ecosocialism is a vision of a transformed society in harmony with nature, and the development of practices that can attain it.

It is directed toward alternatives to all socially and ecologically destructive systems, such as patriarchy, racism, homophobia and the fossil-fuel based economy. It is based on a perspective that regards other species and natural ecosystems as valuable in themselves and as partners in a common destiny.


means to try to live and think like the future, right now. We can start right now, by creating alternative schools, offices, hospitals, factories, homes, senior centers, etc.

To prefigure is to experiment with the kind of society we would need in order to be sustainable and caring.

It means we should build cooperatives and other institutions that show people what ecosocialism is, rather than just telling them. The very existence of an ecosocialist farm, school, hospital, senior center, museum, park, etc, is proof that ecosocialism is possible.

We recognize that ecosocialism on a global scale is a long way from being realized. But it is on the horizon: far off, yet rising; indefinite yet vital, a terrain to be mapped, explored, & brought into existence. Our mission is to facilitate a global movement toward the ecosocialist horizon. The whole future depends upon it.